Wildfire Policy: Law and Economics Perspectives

Wildfire Policy: Law and Economics PerspectivesSummary

Wildfire Policy is a collection of ten original scholarly papers examining the rationale for and consequences of wildfire management regimes from a law and economics perspective. The papers were originally presented at symposium held at the University of Arizona in November 2010. I am a contributing co-editor of this volume and was co-director of the symposium.  The book  is published by Resources for the Future Press (2012) and is now available at Amazon.com.


Tort liability for fire, property law and wildfire, wildfire risk incentives, economic organization, private and public landowner relationship, political economic of wildfire management, wildfire smoke and air quality regulation, fire suppression in Australia,  climate and policy impacts on wildfire trends, landowner development in fire prone lands.


Sarah E. Anderson, Terry L. Anderson, Jeff Bennett, Karen M. Bradshaw, Kirsten Engel, Richard Epstein, Jason Scott Johnston, Jonathan Klick, Carolyn Kousky, Dean Lueck, Thomas W. Merrill, Sheila Olmstead, Andrew Reeves, Roger Sedjo, Jonathan Yoder.