Recent and Current Projects

I am currently investigating the economics of land demarcation systems and the law and economics of wildfire policy.  Below are my current and recent papers and projects.

“Economic Organization and the Lease-Ownership Decision in Water.”  2014. With Kyle J. Emerick. [PDF]

Wildfire Policy: Law and Economics Perspectives. 2012 (Resources for the Future Press). Contributing co-editor with Karen Bradshaw. [SEE FEATURED WORK]

“Human Capital Accumulation and the Expansion of Women’s Rights.”  2012. Journal of Law and Economics. 55: 839-867. With Rick Geddes and Sharon Tennyson. [PDF]

“Large Scale Institutional Changes: Land Demarcation within the British Empire”. 2011. Journal of Law and Economics. 54: S295-S327. With Gary D. Libecap and Trevor O’Grady. [PDF]

“The Demarcation of Land and the Role of Coordinating Property Institutions. 2011. Journal of Political Economy.  119:426-467. With Gary D. Libecap. [PDF]

“Land Demarcation Systems”. 2011. Research Handbook on the Economics of Property Law  (Chelteenham, UK: Wdward Elgar). Henry E. Smith and Kenneth Ayotte, eds. With Gary D Libecap.[PDF]

“Custom and Incentives in Contracts.” 2009. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 91:880-894. With Douglas W. Allen. [PDF]

“Asymmetric Information and the Structure of Servitude Law.” 2009. Journal of Legal Studies. Vol. 38:89-120. With Antony Dnes. [PDF]

Past Projects

My past work includes the economics of agricultural contracts, endangered species regulations, and the economics of property rights, some of which is shown below.

“Preemptive Habitat Destruction under the Endangered Species Act.” 2003. Journal of Law & Economics 46:27-60. With Jeffrey A. Michael. [PDF]

“The Gains from Self Ownership and the Expansion of Women’s Rights.” 2002. American Economic Review Vol. 92 No.4:1079-1092. With Rick Geddes.

“The Role of Risk in Contract Choice.” 1999. Journal of Law, Economics & Organization Vol.15 No.3: 704-736. With Douglas W. Allen.

“The Nature of the Farm.” 1998. Journal of Law and Economics Vol.41 No.2: 343-386. With Douglas W. Allen.

“The Rule of First Possession and the Design of the Law.” 1995. Journal of Law and Economics Vol.38 No.2: 393-436.

“Transaction Costs and the Design of Cropshare Contracts.” 1993. RAND Journal of Economics Vol.24 No.1: 78-100. With Douglas W. Allen.

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